Toll-Free Number:

Toll-free numbers are numbers that can be called from landlines by dialing three-digit numbers. These numbers allow callers access to businesses and individuals beyond their local area without any long-distance fees in MCM.

Particularly for customer-service calling, toll-free numbers are very common. A toll-free number has always been an option for customers and other potential customers who want to contact businesses. Cellular callers who make a toll-free or unlimited call will not be charged for their airtime.

How to Use Toll-free Numbers...

Despite the growth of alternative customer engagement channels like email, live chat etc. research indicates that customers all over the world prefer to use the contact center for any customer service needs. One of the main obstacles to this is the cost involved in making such a call.

Customers don’t like to pay for information necessary to make a purchasing decision or to provide support for the product purchased. It is also a bad idea to pay for calls with IVR, hold, transfer between agents, etc. This can negatively impact their perception of customer experiences.

It is a great way to overcome these issues, for businesses to offer toll-free numbers to customers on  My Country Mobile.

Why We Use Toll-free Numbers...

A phone call can be a great way for your customers to get in touch and solve their problems. Toll-free numbers are a great way for customers to reach you. So Ace Peak Investment customers don’t have to be afraid to call you and ask for help.

Vanity numbers are simple to remember and can be found at 1-800-flowers or other toll-free numbers. Two benefits to a vanity number are: first, it increases brand recall. Second, prospects are more likely call you when they don’t pay call charges at MCM.